The MasterClass Method Guarantees A Successful MC Event Every time

Clever MCs make the fully rehearsed seem spontaneous. The hidden secret is a learned system that starts from the moment an MC booking is confirmed through to the happy client recommending you to others because of the sensational emcee job you performed for them. This system is the foundation and strength of the Masterclass Method.
the wedding mc masterclass method

The talented MC makes the audience believe their performance is spontaneous; it looks natural, instinctive and impromptu.

But in reality, all great MCs with a long career and a large pay-packet, follow a structure.

A set-piece. Scripts. Templates. Checklists. A system that saves time and reduces stress. A formula refined over many years of experience.

When I started my career, I purchased a book of procedures from a speaker that advanced my career and cut my learning curve. Now it’s your turn.

SpeakersCoach is proud to offer the MC MasterClass Method. Divided into 5 key areas, all the pieces fit together beautifully to form a complete unified structure that allows you time to concentrate on the main game and the end result: an exceptional Event Host MC performance that will wow your audience and get you repeat work.

PREPARATION involves the run sheet and background research.

PRESENTATION is your look and feel. Mind, body, voice and clothes.

PERSONALISATION makes you, the MC, the audience’s new best friend.

PERFORMANCE is your energy on stage; all crafted for maximum impact.

PERSUASION uses the psychology of crowds; its group hypnotism.

This MasterClass will professionalise your Wedding MC career and get your fully booked with grateful clients.

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