Welcome to the Event Host Masterclass for Wedding Receptions

Both beginning and experienced emcees will find the Wedding MC Masterclass gives them rock-solid technique and yet the freedom to create their own individual MC style. And this is where the magic money is. Once you've got your special unique MC style worked out, its easy to promote and market yourself.
learnt to be a wedding mc course

Welcome to EVENT HOST MASTERCLASS for wedding receptions. My name is Pete Miller and I am your instructor.

The masterclass is chronological. It follows the typical sequence that occurs once you have accepted the event host booking, right through to the moment you are waving farewell to the bride and groom at the end of another successful wedding reception.

To wow the crowd every time, the Event Host MC must Prepare, be Presentable, Personalise their delivery, Perform with charisma and Persuade the crowd to do as they want.

I can guarantee by the time you finish this course, those 5 Ps will be second nature, and you’ll have everything you need to establish yourself as a first-class Event Host.

Just follow the steps right through to the end and you’ll be fine. Each video deals with just one main concept – and you can keep pace offline if you download and follow along in the special masterclass workbook provided.

But before we jump into stage one Preparation, I encourage you to grab a cup of tea or coffee and watch a backstage Q & A I recorded with a TV channel during the shooting my own wedding MC showreel.

This brief MC SECRETS interview makes a perfect introduction to everything you are about to learn and will help you to absorb the information faster once you know how it all started and where it’s all headed.

I welcome your suggestions for improvements and additions. And please send me your in-action photos or stories of your onstage success and I’ll post to our community.

I can be contacted via coach@speakerscoach.com. Now grab the tea or coffee and enjoy the interview.

See you on stage
Pete Miller

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