The Top 10 MC Success Habits

Guarantee your event host MC success with these emcee top 10 tips. Check yourself against the list and add your own to the comments below.
master of ceremonies tips

Experienced Event Host MCs aka Masters of Ceremonies know their job inside out.

They have an outstanding onstage presence, a captivated audience and a fat paycheck after every event.

They have risen to the top of their game by adopting excellent everyday habits that keep them moving forward in the right direction.

Here are 10 of the most important MC habits and skills to master (excuse the pun).

  • Great MCs have got a knack for connecting with people because they are curious about all folk and believe that everyone has an interesting life story
  • They get knocked down after an event that didn’t go as well as planned – but they’re bold enough to get right back up again
  • Their personal brand is rock solid and represents them perfectly
  • They know their live scripts off by heart and can concentrate on delivering a sensational performance instead of it being a memory exercise
  • They’re LLL (Life-Long Learners) so they live their life on the cutting edge
  • They’re totally professional with impeccable standards, respectful manners, and class and style to match their tactfulness and elegance
  • They wear MC “Hat”, every task and role and MC duty with confidence and poise.
  • They’re segue wizards and smoothly move from one segment to the next without the audience even noticing.
  • They never bad-mouth other MCs or speak about their industry contemporaries with disdain and criticism
  • They are well paid and get tons of bookings, recommendations and repeat clients because they love their work and everyone knows its not about the money.

Their whole work ethic is driven by passion; they continuously develop their skills, refine their habits, and they learn from their mistakes.

Let us know what you think about this list. Is it correct or biased?

Please add in the comments section below what would you add to this list?

See you on stage
Pete Miller

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