The Best Way To Begin Marketing Your MC Services

This is the world of entertainment. Its show business. Good first impressions are vital for a long career. Your MC brand needs to create excitement right from the get-go. So begin marketing your awesome MC services by designing and printing an awesome business card.
how to create a great business card

Even after all these years, the hand-sized “Name Card” is still the best way to spread the word about what you do. The simple business card marketing tactic has been the start of many successful wedding MC careers.


  • 420gsm artboard gives a solid feel
  • your profile photo
  • phone and email using a large font size that is easy to read
  • title eg ‘Italian speaking Wedding Event Host MC’


Use a high-resolution screenshot from your MC showreel


Black and white; one-sided.


  • expensive branding agencies
  • free email services like Yahoo and Hotmail, but Gmail is OK. Use your domain name instead


  • keep the business cards in your jacket pocket
  • package abut 100 into a clear plastic business card box and give them to the function managers at local wedding venues
  • place the cards neatly on the gift table or DJ desk at your weddings


  • with a microphone on hand on stage
  • colour is best
  • high-resolution screenshot from MC showreel is acceptable
  • do not use group photos eg with a client
  • avoid static studio shots


A real photo of you in your MC ‘uniform‘ taken on stage with a microphone in hand helps the bride and groom imagine you at their own event.

This photo of myself was taken while I was testing and checking the equipment at a venue before the bridal party entrance. The photographer Cathy Vella was there getting some shots as the guests arrived. I mentioned that I was preparing for a new business card and could she please take some photos. Importantly, I mentioned that I would credit her if I used the shot professionally – which I always have done.

ask the venue photographer to help

To lend focus to your image, remove the distracting background using an amazing tool called All of the header graphics you see here on this blog have been created using this awesome app.

You may also want to try the image as black and white using The Preview tool on a Mac. See below as an example.

create a black and white version
Add impact by removing the background and colour

See you on stage
Pete Miller

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I haven’t considered this at first. Now when k think about it, this is absolutely just fantastic!

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