How to maintain a high level of energy during your MC performance

How to lose weight and have heaps of energy

DEDICATION: this post is dedicated to a beautiful Maori singer called Rhonda – the voice of New Zealand. She always struggled with her weight and died from a wrong mixture of slimming tablets. If only Rhonda had known about it. 

The only tip I gave in the Event Host Masterclass for getting physically prepared for an MC performance was a mid-afternoon rest. It worked for years; albeit very inconvenient some times. 

This post makes the cat nap irrelevant. You won’t need it. I’ve stumbled upon a super-simple idea that has given me enormous energy all day and night, shed 12 kgs, reduced inflammation in my face, and saved me time and money

It’s not an expensive diet pill, and neither is it a radical vegan program where you eat one celery stick a day sprinkled with turmeric. In fact, it’s free.

It worked for MJ

I first heard about it years ago when I read Michael Jackson’s autobiography – and dismissed it as only something a ‘wacko’ would do. But MJ was right.

Then last year, my film editor Brent Lore joined his wife doing it. Over a period of weeks and months, I witnessed Brent’s skin become fresh and clear, his eyes were super bright and he looked slim and trim and really healthy. I thought I better take another look at it.


As a performer on stage, you need to have abundant energy on reserve. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a show feeling tired

Plus a stage performer must keep their body weight about the same because of the expensive outfits like the black dinner suit and long dresses look terrible if they are tight fitting. Oops.


I’m about to challenge all your beliefs about food. Let’s start by agreeing that we all eat far too much food, too often. I’m not going to get too many arguments there.

But it’s not our fault – there’s yummy food everywhere, all the time. It looks and smells fab. Eating food makes us feel successful.

And the food companies proclaim we must eat regularly or we will get sick and ‘Hangry’.

I swallowed this misinformation 100% (excuse the pun). But It’s not correct. It’s a long way from the reality of how much food we need to feel good and look good

We are not designed to eat 3 square meals a day. Or two. Maybe not even one.

The method I’m talking about is known as intermittent fasting. It has been an incredible personal revelation

I’ll post more about it here but in the meantime, get a copy of Dr. Jason Fungs book ‘The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting’. (I’m not an affiliate and don’t earn any income from this referral)

Jason explains in non-medical terms how digesting food keeps you tired so eating much less food preserves our body and keeps it finely tuned. Hello longevity.

It’s all about the gap between meals. Make the interval as long as you can.

If you substitute water, coffee or tea for breakfast and work through lunch with no snacks, you’ll be ready for a well-deserved dinner around 6 pm, and you would have ‘fasted’ for 20+ hours. Then watch the weight go down and the energy go up. All it takes is discipline.

I don’t get hungry. Or angry. I feel light and enjoy wearing clothes that were previously ‘way too tight’. Give it a try. It’s how we were meant to eat.