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WEDDING MC SECRETS is the bible of how to be a Wedding Master of Ceremonies. It is used by professional MCs right across the world.

It is a collaborative effort and the culmination of many years of on-the-ground experiences from professional MCs working in the real world of wedding receptions every week-end.

It is constantly updated so you have the very latest digital version in your hands - dependent upon if you are reading it on a Kindle or iPad or other 'hand-held' device. Otherwise, its a bit hard to hold an entire PC or iMac !!

It is delivered to you as a mini booklet - which makes it very easy to navigate and find what you looking for quickly.

There are live links to the web plus audio and video samples. Naturally there a also few photos of MCs in action that give you a very clear ideas of what you need to do to wow an audience with the power of your personality.

You are able to print out the entire eBook or just the sections you need.

You will be able to find everything you require to accomplish the task of being the perfect master of ceremonies.

WEDDING MC SECRETS is a unique resource because of the width and breath of its combined talents, skills and experiences. Nothing quite like it exists anywhere else in the world. Multiple professional tips and techniques delivered straight to your device.
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