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eBook MC corporate UP FRONT IN CONTROL

great Event Host MCs reveal their trade secrets

The MC role at a special event (aka ‘emcee’) is regarded by many as ‘one of the best jobs in the world’.

Not only do you help a live event succeed, you are paid to keep people HAPPY - simply by being organized and entertaining.

Besides that, the excellent lifestyle enjoyed by a successful MC is another reason to add UP FRONT IN CONTROL to your bookshelf now.

Working as an event host emcee can significantly raise your personal profile and prestige while offering many new exciting ways to use your public speaking skills for profit.
This straight-forward ’how-to’ guide has checklists, run sheets, introductions, jokes, plus interactive audience games.
There are 'plug-and-play' templates on what to say and how to say it. All you do is fill in the gaps and presto!
* how to professionally introduce distinguished members of the audience and the Guest-of-Honor
* short, quick and witty jokes and one-liners to keep the guests entertained and laughing with you
* clear examples of how to acknowledge and thank a speaker
* what words to say between one speaker and the next; this is called a segue (pronounced seg-way)
* essential questions to ask the client before the event starts
* how to smoothly link each segment of the business or social function together
* a fresh approach to speaking in public that's gets you excited (instead of nervous)
* a sample run sheet for a whole 3-day conference
There is even advice on what $$$ to charge for your services


Two of the world’s most experienced MC’s take you step-by-step through the entire process of professionally conducting a social or business function from start to finish.
Peter and Ron show you that being an Event Host MC is a privilege and pleasure - and not such a difficult task as it might seem at first.
Insides the cover of this book, you will discover MCing is a real blast and thoroughly enjoyable. WARNING: it can become addictive.
UP FRONT IN CONTROL is regarded as the 'bible' of how to work successfully as a corporate or business MC.
This hands-on, how to manual took more than 7 years to assemble. The 192 pages and 12 chapters draw on 30+ years combined experience with audiences from around the world.
And there are humorous original drawings by world-famous cartoonist Tony Kentuck.
As you will see from the ‘Look Inside’ feature, the book has been designed by MC's for
* MC's now working who wish to lift their skills to the next level
* speakers who want to begin working as an Event Host MC
* employees who are required by their company to take on this role and host an important function such as a product launch or new building opening.
Written in an engaging and entertaining way (as you would expect), you’ll pick up on the sense of humor that MCs use and how to deliver quick one-liners that get you booked time and time again.
UP FRONT IN CONTROL will bullet-proof you against all the things that spook most people when they take the microphone in their hand to welcome an audience.
If you are a Host, Comedian, Magician, Compere, Salesman, Vice President, Chairman, Emcee, practiced Public Speaker, Actor, Presenter, or Trainer - here is your answer to a fabulous event and a relaxed and entertaining time at the microphone as the perfect Master of Ceremonies.

You will also receive Ron's very popular book TABLE TOP TIPS.

This is a terrific collection of very inspiring and motivational quotes, sayings and quips about life that Ron used in his keynote presentations and MCing.


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