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Planning your wedding reception can be made easy
with this super helpful resource packed with cool ideas

This collected wisdom comes directly from the experience of professional MCs
plus international wedding industry insiders working at the top of their game.

They know the very latest trends, cost-saving tips and modern techniques
to rescue your budget and give your wedding reception the WOW effect every bride and groom desires.


We cover topics like

  • What do you do about children?
  • How the MC should work with your theme and not the other way around.
  • A great idea about how to save face when your friends get relegated to the last table number.
  • How to save yourself the cost of a beautiful dessert that often gets wasted.
  • Candles add romance - but they can be very dangerous and messy. So there’s a great tip on how to side-step this risk.
  • What is the best way to get the guest book signed by everyone?
  • What type of meal are you supposed to supply for the MC and the other professionals such as the DJ, band and photographer? Do you pay for their alcohol?
  • The all-important one single question you must ask the photographer and videographer to avoid massive embarrassment.
  • Who does what during the speeches?
  • How long should each speech go for?
  • Whats the best order of speeches to make everyone look like a star speaker?
  • We’ve even included a sample Toast to the Parents of the Bride
  • Is the DJ obliged to provide colored lighting?
  • The best way to throw the bouquet for maximum fun.
  • How to remove the garter in a stylish and classy way.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the Farewell Circle - and the best way to perform this age old tradition with maximum impact.
  • Why a Guard of Honor is the best way to leave your reception.
  • Plus the best music to accompany all the famous rituals.
  • What time should you change into the going-away outfit?
  • and there is more - much more

* This information is not in the bridal magazines nor is it available on the Internet.



  • How to create a theme that matches your relationship
  • Design suspense and surprise to delight your guests
  • How to arrive on time and get the reception off to an amazing beginning with a spectacular Grand Entrance
  • What message do you send when inviting children and babies?
  • Wishing Wells - how to make sure everyone knows how to contribute
  • Bring back the Cake Bag
  • The best kind of bomboniere (aka ‘wedding favors’)
  • Appropriate bridal party gifts

If you're looking for lots of ways to safe time and save money, bedazzle your guests with original but low cost effects, ideas and surprises, create wow moments throughout your wedding reception, and remain relaxed and stress-free while gaining maximum value from all the professionals you've hired, then immediately download this easy-to-read PDF eBook that is jam-packed with value.



  • Your MC is a free wedding planner
  • Meeting your MC beforehand - when, where and why?
  • Introductions and the grand entrance of the bridal party by the MC - what is the best way to kick off the party?
  • Does the MC organize the music as well?

* All these solutions answer your most important questions about how to have the best-ever wedding reception - with photos that clearly explain how to achieve each idea.

This book is perfect for event organizers, bride and grooms, wedding planners, or anyone interested in throwing a wedding reception where the guest walk away saying ‘goodness me - wasn't that amazing



  • What happens when the band takes a rest?
  • A list of excellent music for entry into the reception
  • Songs that can be used when you are cutting the cake
  • Superb suggestions for the bridal waltz (aka the First Dance)
  • How to practice your bridal waltz
  • Why is the last song before the throwing of bouquet so important?
  • Music tracks that raise the roof when you are going to throw the bouquet
  • Powerful music to remove the garter and then toss it to the lads
  • Final circle songs to keep the energy up
  • What is the Guard of Honor and what kind of music should I use to say farewell?

* You only get one chance at a great wedding reception - this is a tiny investment that will guarantee success on the most important day of your life so far.



  • Throwing the Bouquet together
  • The Father Daughter dance
  • Wedding games and activities
  • Lighting effects
  • Dry ice smoke machine how to do it properly


  • Designing a schedule that suits your dreams and desires
  • Why designing a runsheet (the agenda) requires experience

There’s nothing else like this on the Internet. Remember that this is unbiased critical advice that no one will tell you until it's too late!


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