audio MP3 corporate MC SECRETS ... Revealed. Hilarious interview with authors Peter Miller and Ron Tacchi

audio mcsecrets interview

audio MP3 corporate MC SECRETS ... Revealed. Hilarious interview with authors Peter Miller and Ron Tacchi audio mcsecrets interview

Learn the secrets to high-paying corporate MC work from these 2 experienced presenters and the authors of the UP FRONT IN CONTROL as they reveal everything needed to be entertaining and well organized at your next MC job.

Format: mp3 audio, 77 minutes, 13 tracks, download instantly
Style: conversational, stories, humorous
Categories: mc corporate, public speaking
Author: Peter Miller, Ron Tacchi

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Enjoy our short 5 minute compilation taken from the 77 minute interview

Listen, laugh and learn from this lively discussion on how to skyrocket your career as a business or social emcee. You will enjoy this 77 minute highly entertaining conversation between two MCs who love their work.

With this recording, you feel like you are right there across the table from Ron and Peter as they run through some of their best stories and anecdotes from over 40 years combined experience as MCs and comperes in the corporate world.

Because the soundtrack has such a ‘live’ feel, you also get an idea of the type of MC that Ron and Peter are when they are ‘live’ on stage. In other words, you get a sense of what kind of MCs are they are and how they might approach a crowd when they are talking to them at a conference, convention, seminar or any of the other many hundred's of special events where they have worked. Once you listen to how its done, you will know how to WOW an audience with the power of your personality.

  • Besides being hysterically funny, it reveals the number 1 secret about what makes a great MC; plus it explains
  • Being appropriate for the occasion
  • Telling jokes, being funny, and developing a sense of humor
  • How a runsheet is put together
  • What female MCs must do to be successful
  • The best way to handle a speakers ego
  • MC fees and how to handle the tricky travel expenses
  • Personal styling including what clothes should you wear
  • How long should a speakers introductions go for?
  • When do you know you are prepared enough
  • Does the MC eat with the other guests?
  • How do construct a great Thank You
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Playing a character
  • Coping when a disaster strikes
  • … and lots more

These are the stories that could not be told in print via their best-selling book about MCing UP FRONT IN CONTROL. It also updates information – especially concerning the rise of female MCs – since the book was released.

Peter Miller and Ron Tacchi run through all the necessary ingredients that combine to make you part of an outstanding event.It’s full of down-to-earth, realistic tips and techniques that will get you off to a flying start next time you take to the stage as the Master of Ceremonies.

Besides the recording, you will receive Ron's popular book TABLE TOP TIPS.

This is a terrific collection of very inspiring and motivational quotes, sayings and quips about life that Ron used in his keynote presentations and MCing.

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A long mentorship TABLE TOP TIPS