Sports Hero Becomes MC Legend

video mcsecrets maxwalker

Sports Hero Becomes MC Legend video mcsecrets maxwalker
The word “legend” is an often used label these days. However our next MC SECRET interviewee firmly deserves the label of legend. We chat intimately with one of Australia’s public speaking icons. Max Walker graduated from the international cricket pitch to a much-loved TV presenter. He graciously shares how the discipline of TV taught him the virtue of brevity and as we know, to say a lot in a few words, is a highly prized MC skill.

topics covered:
  • creating rapport
  • mix n mingle
  • raise expectations
  • go off-script
  • being in the moment
  • the ‘brief’
  • preparation and research
  • how can I 'maxy walkerize’ those 5 stories?
  • making a connection
  • dealing with hecklers
  • starting off a MC career
  • balancing everything
  • editing the runsheet to suit you
  • creating your own signature stories
  • segue e.g. moving from one segment to the next
  • one liners
  • back announcing speakers to create empathy
  • difference between a speaker and a MC
  • make great art everyday
Besides being a legend on the MC stage, Max Walker earned his stripes with 3000 hours of TV sports commentary and before that, as an International Sporting Hero with the Australian cricket team. He's also written 14 bestselling books - one of those is about MCing and it's called “ladies and gentlemen” and will again be available soon.
But in the meantime get your the notebook ready and enjoy this super-experienced, articulate, individual and creative master of ceremonies who has developed his own bag of tricks that keeps him constantly booked on every conference stage across the world and keeps him delighting audiences Time and time again


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