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Thank you for being a part of the International MC Directory.

We are honored to represent your extraordinary talent and proud to market your professional Event Host MC services; not just in your own country; but worldwide.

Over the next 12 months, we will continue to focus on increasing your enquires via

  • high search rankings

  • improved marketing of your unique MC skills, and

  • promotion of your profile via direct email to the venues

for Event Host MCs on a budget

This exclusive Basic membership entitles you to:

  • web inquiry form sent immediately after a client asks about your MC services
  • a profile photo optimized for mobile devices
  • professionally written biography outlining your on-stage experience
  • a Search summary that includes your approximate fee range, preferred work locations, and language skills
  • this also gives an indication of your MC style
  • your own Make Contact With The MC form that's emailed to you with the client and event details included
  • annual subscription membership to the MC Directory
  • discounts on our other services such as recording your own video show-reel
  • unique URL (either wedding or corporate)
  • private login and password to add photos and update your profile 24-7
  • your profile automatically optimized for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • 1st class exposure from our high-ranking Google website

And importantly, as you already know, I am always available to offer guidance and mentoring.

We don't waste your time by sending you client that are 'shopping around'

These inquiries are from prospective buyers who have already checked you out fully and are ready to book you.

We don’t take any commissions.

There are no middle-men or agency tips skimmed off your fee - so you get to keep 100% of your wage.

We don't lump you in with a ton of other suppliers or try and pass you off as a DJ.

The MC Directory exclusively represents only the Best of the Best multi-lingual Event Host MCs. This perception of value means that customers will be less likely to ask for a discount.

Plus, you only need one job to pay for 12 months subscription of 1st class inquiries.

I appreciate your commitment to professionalism and will do all I can to ensure another successful 12 months.

See you on stage.

MC Pete Miller

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