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All high achievers have someone that helps them make faster progress with less mistakes. This helper is known as a coach, a mentor, a guide, advisor or counselor.

A performer on stage is like an sportsperson. They must be able to 'switch on' their skills, showcase their talent and deliver what is needed when the live event begins. There are no second chances.

"Switching On" successfully is done via preparation and practice with your coach.

Pete Miller has worked for 20+ years to help new and experienced Event Host MC's take their career to the next level; to ensure they market their skills in the best way that suits the marketplace.

We start with the run-sheet and then move onto using your own MC style.

Our time together on Zoom or Skype is recorded. This allows you to concentrate 100% - secure in the knowledge that you can review every word again and again.

The fee is tax deductible and an invoice will be supplied.

We commence as soon as possible after payment and continue on a session by session basis.
There is no contract or minimum amount of sessions.

Click to pay now and we can get started tomorrow.

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