How my ‘worse ever’ voice motivated me to success

After I was accepted into the Drama Studio as an acting student in 1984, my tutors immediately told me that I had the worse voice they had ever heard and if I intended on getting any jobs at all after I graduated as an actor, I needed to do “a lot work on my voice”.

Pete Miller as young acting student
I loved Voice and Movement training at The Drama Studio Sydney

This surprised me. The concept of working on my voice and changing it had somehow never occurred to me. I thought that Richard Burton and James Earl Jones had been born with the rich, resonant tone that I loved so much – they could make reading out the telephone book aloud a wonderful experience!

I never realised that you could improve your voice and achieve this wonderful sound by doing some simple training. Isn’t it a shame we are not given these tips at school?

So, I started my quest for a voice that would help me – not hinder me. In other words – to turn people ON, not off.

The information contained on the 5 EASY STEPS TO A FANTASTIC VOICE audio and video recording and within the pages of the book ITS NOT WHAT YOU SAY, ITS HOW YOU SAY IT is the culmination of 10 years searching to find the ideal, practical, simple (but effective) vocal warm-up; anywhere, anytime. 

See you on stage. MC Pete Miller

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