Questions To Ask A Bride Before Booking You As Her Wedding MC

An MC career is Show Business. Make sure you can do the Business as well as the Show. This is the second part of the conversion sequence that talks about how to convert a passive MC enquiry from a prospective client into an active confirmed booking quickly, easily and efficiently.
what questions should the MC ask the bride?

Websites that list wedding emcees like the MC Directory work hard to get your MC profile seen in Google. But this lead is wasted if you cannot change and convert the passive enquiry to an active booking.

This sales skill is equally as important to performing on stage. Remember it’s called Show Business. An MC must be as good at the Business part of the Event Host role as they are at the Show.

This post tells you if the bride and groom are ready to pay the deposit. By the time these questions below are answered, you’ll know if the couple is serious and you can convert the enquiry and or they are just tyre kickers.


The earlier post covered the initial contact: call your new client handsfree with a notepad from a quiet place. Start by thanking them for their enquiry and ask if they have time for a quick chat. Check the time and date of the event and then confirm your availability.


Ask these questions to discover compatibility between your style and the bride’s ideas. You don’t have to secure every enquiry. It’s better to refer another MC if you are not right for the job. Remember, once you asked the question, stop talking. Shut up and listen.


Chatting about where the wedding reception will be held is an easy ice-breaker; you can build rapport and connect instantly by talking about the venue and the reasons why they chose it and what do they like about it?. You may want to Google the venue beforehand.

“I have worked at this venue before and it’s amazing” OR “I haven’t actually worked at this venue before but I’ve heard its amazing. Why did you choose the venue?”


  • what are they looking for in their MC?
  • what made them decide to use a professional MC?
  • have they seen a professional MC before?
  • how long have they been looking for an MC?
  • what other MCs have they enquired about?
  • what MCs have they already met with?


  • why did you choose you?
  • have they viewed your full profile including testimonials, video showreel and photos?
  • did they watch the video showreel the whole way through? (this is only useful for you to gauge if your #1 marketing tool eg your video showreel, is working as well as it should. The maximum length is 90 seconds).


  • have they started the run-sheet?
  • what plans do they have for their event?
  • what professionals are booked already eg event company/photographer/band?
  • are overseas guests attending? (if yes and you know the language, offer to do a Welcome)
  • how much English do you want to be spoken?
  • will the script be supplied?
  • will the function be videoed?


  • are they aware of your fee?
  • do they understand that there is a deposit with the remainder paid at the final meeting?
  • are they ready to make a decision this week?
  • what date do they need to make a decision by?


If the event is interstate or overseas, its best to get the client themselves to organise and pay for all your travel costs.

See you on stage
Pete Miller

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