Life is too short to spend one day miserable

Eliminate anger, criticism, negativity, disappointment, emotional reaction, teasing, demands, and frustration. Never fight. And never try to control and change the other person. Control and Change yourself instead. By that I mean, don’t tell the other person what to do or that they are wrong. If things do get wobbly, apologise by saying sorry immediately and give each other a hug.

Love grows like a flower if it is treated with care by both people. Bring ONLY love, happiness, respect, support, joy, praise, kindness, trust, consistency, honesty, encouragement, a positive calmness, and understanding.

Always shower your friends with good feelings. Constantly reassure them that they are important to you and will have an incredible, deep beautiful relationship that will feed and nourish you. Forever. The relationship will grow better as you both grow better and brighter. You will instantly appreciate the brilliance of each other more and more each and every day. You will look forward to seeing each other because it is here, with this person, that you always feel safe and secure. And truly loved for who you are.

The easy way to begin a relationship like this is very simple: Ask Questions. And then Listen for the answer. Your friend will always have a good reason for doing what they did. And the benefit if that you end up learning at the same time 🙂 This is the first step to increasing your understanding of that person.

This is what I know to be true. These are the Values I live by. My hope is that you share the same passion and belief about them as I do.

The soundtrack of my life is sweet soul music

60-second summary Pete Miller – like one of those celebrity magazine quizzes

Name: Peter Miller
Born: Sydney Australia 
Birthday: 22nd November on the cusp of Scorpio & Sagittarius
– combining the best of both 🙂
School: The Kings School, North Parramatta NSW Australia
College: Drama Studio (Diploma in Drama)
Major: YAT (explanation TBA)
Awards: ‘MC Of The Year’ ABIA 1998, 2010, 2011 Winner
 – ABIA stands for Australian Bridal Industry Awards
Parramatta Regional Awards for Business Excellence Finalist
Associations: ‘National Speakers Association of Australia’ (NSAA now the PSA)
Weight: under 80 kgs
Voice: Light baritone
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 180cms
Age range for acting: 40s to early 50s

My philosophy is simple

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. There can be no better way to spend your valuable time than traipsing across the globe meeting people, visiting places, absorbing cultures, learning history, and appreciating diversity. 

Consequently, my lust for life is photo-journalism. I am a journeyman – always seeking the truth.

This personal site is about LLL (Life Long Learning) with an emphasis on self development through public speaking and working as a master of ceremonies.

I love growing my education. Its not cool 2 stop school so early. The ones who do complain that life is hard

My vision is a world full of confident communicators

This has been my passion since I studied acting techniques and found they had a “dramatic” improvement in every area of my life.

They helped me understand myself, made me work smarter by being accurate with what I said and eliminate any unnecessary fluff, saved everyone’s time by getting to the point, and made me appreciate other people’s different personality styles.

Learning to be a clearer, more concise communicator (so many c’s), makes you a stronger, more rewarding and more rewarded person!

PS The #1 subjects taught at school should Communication, Task Management, and Financial Literacy (in that order). Next is Sport, then Languages, History, Science, Geography and maybe some maths if you have time

I adore

I adore music; I find it hard not to start moving around if a kool tune invades the ears. Plus singing songs is god for the soul.

And I adore reading; I love to lose myself in fiction before the dream-state called sleeping. 

But mostly, I really adore traveling; you tell me – is there any greater teacher than traversing all over this earth observing humans having fun? And I can practice my love of photography

Leisure time is spent swimming in the ocean for emotionally-nourishing, low-impact exercise, discovering great TV shows or movies that push the boundaries and have a gritty edge (and then discussing why they are so good with friends), learning how to use new technology to make my life simpler …

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for
There is definitely someone, somewhere helping me; gently guiding me to make good decisions.

** I am thankful for the education and teachers I have learnt great lessons from; they have granted me the confidence to play my part in the world. I feel this openness is a result of knowing who I am, and living in an friendly, free fun-loving society.

** I am thankful for my stable family; my 2 sisters and excellent parents.

** I am thankful for the many opportunities I have been given to lead a great life – filled to the brim with interesting people, exotic travel destinations and challenging adventures.

I am passionate about:
not wasting time. Your time or my time. Time is the most valuable resource we have. Once its used up, we can never replace it; the moment is gone forever. We are here for a good time – not a long time!

But like you, I’ve attended too many occasions where the promise and potential didn’t live up to the actual proceedings. And that’s why I want to see every event use professional MCs.

I am passionate about Apple products. I love the new frontier they create with beautiful-looking, high-tech gadgets like the iPad that keep on working flat-out day after day.

I am passionate about creating passive income via the Internet because it affords me a great lifestyle of income while I travel.

I do not like:

  • Guns, violence, fear
  • Negativity, criticism, sarcasm,
  • Urban pollution: noisy motorbikes, sirens and ugly dangerous power poles – stick the electric wires underground, eliminate urban pollution, reduce car accidents and save lots of lives in the process.


Colour: this Blue
Music: ‘Chasing The Sun’ THE WANTED
Movie: ‘My Life As A Dog’ more below
Book: ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferris
see my reading list at GOODREADS
Food: Watermelon
Quote: (click here)

My lists

FOREVER favorite music

  • A SONG FOR YOU – The Temptations
  • WORK TO DO – Average White Band
  • LIKE SISTER; BROTHER – The Drifters
  • YOU ARE EVERYTHING – The Stylistics
  • CALL ME – Frank Sinatra
  • WHAT NOW MY LOVE – Frank Sinatra
  • THE LOOK OF LOVE – Sergio Mendes
  • ISN’T IT TIME – The Baby’s
  • SUMMER RAIN – Johnny Rivers
  • GET WHAT YOU GIVE – New Radicals
  • PRAISE YOU – Fat Boy Slim
  • IS THAT ALL THERE IS? – Peggy Lee
  • SUKIYAKI – A Taste Of Honey
  • Songs from THE MAN MACHINE – Kraftwerk
  • HEROES – Bowie
  • SHE – The Monkees
  • (I SHOULD’VE NEVER) LET YOU GO – Neil & Dara Sedaka

FOREVER favorite movies

  • (any film starting with THE …)
  • WESTWORLD (with Yul Bryner)

FOREVER favorite TV shows

  • Californication
  • Weeds
  • 24
  • The L Word

FOREVER favorite books

  • Think and Grow Rich
  • The Alchemist
  • The Power of the Sub-conscious Mind
  • The 4 Hour Work Week

Activities – mostly aquatic 
since water is emotionally nourishing

  • Photography (thanx Nikon D90)
  • body-surfing the salty waves
  • swimming with friends
  • walking on the sand
  • sniffing the clean air
  • reading (not at the beach …)
  • laps in the rock-pool (not keen on chlorine)
  • eating seafood
  • goldfish aquariums
  • ponds full of Koi, …..

Interests / hobbies / influences

  • Reading
  • Motorbike cruising
  • Becoming expert at APPLE products
  • watching my 2 daughters grow into beautiful women
  • staying slim and trim aka staying young
  • using the power of my subconscious mind to manifest
  • The paintings Of Vladimir Tretchikoff and David Bromley
  • Travelling and meeting new people
  • Generating Pa$$ive income