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I originally wanted a career as an Architect. Then films, movies and videos hypnotised me, and I opted for the entertainment industry as a performer. It began as an actor, then a singer and then an Event Host MC. Now as a teacher, coach and mentor.
best emcee and master ofd ceremonies advice


Over the years, I’ve collected a ton of photos which will give you an idea of where I’ve been what I’ve been doing. I will make a gallery of these soon.

My main focus is what I’m doing now – which is teaching communication; specifically, speakers who want to work as Event Host MCs aka emcee aka master of ceremonies.

How I Can I Get You Fully Booked Every Weekend

My passion is to ensure that every live event is both organised and entertaining.

I want each function around the world to become a special one-off event where the long hours of preparation are justified and the guests feel that their time has been wisely spent. It becomes memorable for all the right reasons.

My task has been to continually grow the speakers ‘wage cake’ so there’s a larger slice for everyone. I have now mentored 100s of the world’s top multilingual MCs available for hire via the MC Directory and trained others via the Event Host Masterclass.

I found that presenters needed helpful, straight-forward career advice and information on how to extend their skills to work as an Event Host MC. Most of my time with speakers is spent establishing their own special MC style. It is an extension of their ‘happy’ personality – because happiness is what’s required at a wedding – rather than a deep and meaningful message.

So I established ‘SpeakersCoach’ to alleviate the uneven nature of the performer’s freelance income and help the presenter discover a new way to use their talent. Click here to check out how to get mentored by myself, Pete Miller.

There is also another reason. If you were mentored as I was, you feel obliged to mentor others. Click here to read about my mentor Mr Ron Tacchi.

I assembled the book UP FRONT IN CONTROL from my own short-cuts and time-saving templates including planning tools and checklists.

YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC is a book with scripts to help the MC know what to say, how to say it and when to say it.


If I was going to work with someone, then I would want to know a little about them first. If its the same for you, then here’s a little bit about myself to fill in the story.


  • We are here for two reasons: to give love and receive love.
  • Be an LLL (Life Long Learner)
  • Time is the most valuable currency
  • Good Health starts in our Head
  • Swimming is emotionally nourishing
  • Discipline Destroys Doubt
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