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Simply Post, Share Links and Comment and get your annual MC DIRECTORY membership for free.

SpeakersCoach is proud to launch another powerful innovation* to help you get more enquiries and more bookings – and save paying your annual subscription.

ACT NOW and save AUD$495 before December 31st.

Continue to post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and watch each feed magically appear inside your individual event host profile.

facebook instagram twitter

Each social media account must be approved as active i.e. once per week for 3 months.

  • Credits earned cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Each post must stay in place and cannot be removed otherwise it will void the account
  • Use the hashtag #mcdirectory
  • No duplicate content
  • No criticism – keep it positive always
  • Add appropriate photo for more credit
  • Blogposts must be 800+ words
  • Comments must be 50+ words (see example)
  • Raise your authority. Written articles instantly label you as an expert smart MC. Suddenly your fee is justified and paid quickly.
  • Lengthen your emcee career
  • Strengthen your profile as a proactive MC helping the industry
  • Add $ to your wage

“Totally agree. My 20-year event host MC experience has taught me it’s best to meet the bride and groom in a quiet setting. Even at the wedding venue if possible.

This meeting 10 days before, is time to fix up the final payment; as money and cash is usually the last thing on people’s mind during the reception.”

(This is more than enough @ 59 words)

Go here to earn $25 per 50+ word comment on these blog posts. You must be logged into your account. All replies must be an original comment about the actual content of the article.


Each social media account you activate earns you $100 credit towards your annual Premium MC Directory profile. 

This needs ADMIN approval first, so please make contact via email and send us your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter URL.

The quickest way is by “setting permissions” in your MC profile using an already active social media account. This simply means ticking the box that says ‘allow’. And by active, we mean weekly posts for 3 consecutive months.

(If you do not qualify, then start the accounts anyway, and next time earn a credit towards your next profile payment)


  • $100 credit for a client review in Google My Business
  • $100 credit for creating an 800+ word MC article with a photo in LinkedIn
  • $100 credit to write an 800+ word blog post on with a photo
  • $100 credit for each sale of Event Host Masterclass for Weddings online course
  • $100 credit for introducing a new MC
  • $25 credit to simply share our blog post on Facebook and add 50+ word comment
  • $25 credit for writing a 50+ word comment on any MCs Youtube showreel


  • exclusive “Top MC” designation keeping you at the top of the search results (worth $100 for 3 months)
  • subtitles on your showreel (worth $100)
  • mentoring and career advice recorded via skype ($100 per 30 mins)
  • any MC training products at the SpeakersCoach store including ebooks, courses, video

*Previous Innovations and industry first have included applied availability calendar, direct contact with the client, impressive green screen show reels, and no agents or middleman taking commissions on every MC job and forcing you to accept a lower fee.

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Activating your Facebook profile

This needs ADMIN approval first, so please make contact via email and send us your Facebook URL.

For this feed to show up inside your MC profile, you need to allow a setting in your Facebook page that gives search engines access.

Go to your Facebook settings underneath the inverted triangle on the top menu bar and choose the Privacy tab (see screenshot)

facebook settings screenshot
Facebook settings screenshot

Log into and open the social media tab on your MC profile, clicking on the Facebook arrow that opens a larger page. Follow the instructions. 

facebook page instructions
find your facebook ID
facebook personal numeric ID

Activating your Instagram profile

This needs ADMIN approval first, so please make contact via email and send us your Instagram URL.

Log into and open the social media tab on your MC profile, clicking on the Instagram arrow that opens a larger page. Follow the instructions using the screenshots below.

Instagram user name
instagram feed pro button
connect your personal account
activate your personal instagram account

How to activate your Twitter profile

This needs ADMIN approval first, so please make contact via email and send us your Twitter URL.

Simply log in and follow the step by step instructions. 

Blog posts are best when you write openly and honestly from your own experience as a wedding or corporate MC.

The target market is not other emcees. If you want to give advice to other MCs, then head across to But blog posts here do not qualify for credits. 

The idea of writing and commenting is to promote yourself as an expert at what you do to potential bride and groom’s and wedding planners, PCOS a.k.a. Professional Conference Organisers, speakers bureaux, and event production companies who put together the talent for the show. 

The few guidelines are that your article should include an appropriately high-resolution photo corresponding to the subject, it should be 800+ words and steer clear of criticism. 

You could write about

  • how you as the MC helped the live event succeed,
  • how you avoided a potentially difficult situation,
  • the value of using a professional emcee,
  • interesting new trends that you’ve noticed at live events,
  • the technical requirements that make up a good product such as a lectern
  • microphone versus a handheld microphone,
  • the difference between emceeing a wedding and emceeing a corporate event,
  • how you started your MC career,
  • the most important thing you have learned as an MC that guarantees a successful event,
  • clients that have rebooked you,
  • the challenge of being a bilingual MC,
  • what preparation is needed as a bilingual MC,
  • funny situations that have happened with transcribing speeches,
    cultural differences in different cities and different countries.

Subjects include

  • Microphones
  • Stages
  • Creating empathy
  • Dress for success
  • How a run sheet is started
  • How detailed does the run sheet need to be