How To Write Your MC Showreel Video Script

If you are reading this, then you have arrived at one of the most important parts of marketing yourself as a professional Event Host MC.

This entire script of this video showreel is reproduced word-for-word at the end of this webpage; known as GOLDEN RECEPTION for obvious reasons

Without a doubt, the quality of your performance on film will be in direct proportion to the quantity of your MC bookings.

It cannot be overstated enough how vital your video showreel is to increasing your MC income. It is your #1 marketing tool and must show you in your best light.

It is worth spending as much time as needed to achieve a good showreel that displays your great personality. We are here to help you achieve this.

It’s no surprise that the MCs that ‘instant-bookings’ (i.e. the bride pays a deposit without any need to meet personally with the MC) are the same MCs that have a compelling mix of slick script, enthusiastic and passionate personality, and elegant style (read ‘smile’) showcasing their individual skills to perfection on film.


We know from email enquiries and talking to brides when they call our office, that they will spend all night looking at every MC video. Brides are not controlling freaks – they just really want to get it right FIRST TIME – and so must you.

Take the cue from the brides and have close look at the MC videos featured already on our website. Discover which are great and why? Work out what doesn’t work and why?

Your prospective clients are looking for the following qualities in you because they are same qualities they are looking for throughout their entire wedding day; so ensure these qualities are present in your performance and shine through in your on-screen presentation.


The brides are looking at your video showreel with one question in their mind: can this MC run my wedding? So make it as easy as possible for them to hire you by being:

  • trustworthy e.g. genuine smile; sincerity
  • elegant / 1st class / debonair e.g. formalities are second nature to you
  • caring and considerate e.g. it’s not about you the MC
  • authentic and real e.g. not fake and artificial
  • pleasant and courteous e.g. well mannered, a cool demeanour
  • tactful and observant
  • confident (without being cocky)
  • passionately happy to be there e.g. a ‘twinkle in the eye’
  • an intelligent sense of humour based on observation e.g. able to inspire a sense of excitement and joy
  • flexible and fun

Overall, the brides will be mainly looking at your attitude that comes through your connection via your eyes.


Click here to see more examples of Event Host MC showreels that have proven to be effective.


Answer the following questions about yourself and your previous MCing experience with honesty and openness. The strength of your answers will determine the quality of your showreel.

TIP: repeat the question in the answer to it makes sense to the viewer

Please introduce yourself (this should be natural because it’s the same as you would do as an MC on stage e.g.
My name is ….. from the MC Directory and I live in …..

When did you start your career as a professional Wedding MC ? e.g.
I started MCing wedding receptions ….
OR How did you get into the MC profession? e.g. Originally it was because of my …..

What do you love most about being an MC? / Whats the best part of being a MC at weddings?

What advice do you give to the bride and groom on how to have an awesome wedding reception?

What makes you different?

How would you describe your style? eg My style is …

What do you need to be a great MC? e.g.
I think one of the main things a MC needs is to ….

Describe an outstanding moment in your career as an MC?

Describe the most challenging moment you have encountered and how you dealt with the situation

Who are your role-models or what are your biggest influences that have helped you become a great MC? e.g.
I really admire ….

Any last thoughts?


Besides describing what you do, the text should capture your spirit and allow you to reveal your personality and passion.

REMEMBER: Video is very powerful. It does not lie and cannot be manipulated like photos can. So it will show if you haven’t done enough homework – you’re going to need to be spot-on; because once it’s live on the Internet, it’s virtually there forever. Spend the time to write it out perfectly – craft each word with care – as you would a poem. Please turn up to the video shoot fully prepared.
Even though we use a professional teleprompter, learn your script well before shooting. This will then allow you to concentrate on delivering an excellent performance that sells you as the MC of choice.

Print it out and read out loud to yourself. There is no need to practise in front of others e.g. spouse or children. They will make you feel silly and give you inaccurate feedback!


use a teleprompter to quickly record your mc showreel

A teleprompter is a device that sits on the end of a camera and allows you to look through the lens of the camera while reading a script. Think newsreader.

It’s all done by mirrors and reflection and amazingly, the words of your script cannot be seen on the screen. Its like magic!


PLEASE NOTE: Since we’re recording using a green-screen effect, you cannot wear any blue or green colours. Stick with darkish suits – preferably black with white or cream shirts – and watch the tie combinations.

Your ‘garment’ is incredibly important. It sets the tone of professionalism right from the start. For many reasons including ease of preparation, and consistency in your photos, it is best to have an ‘outfit’ that is used only for wedding MC work. This is important as the bride and groom dont want any surprises when they meet you.

One of the hardest parts of being a professional performer is remaining consistent with your original ‘look’ including your hair colour and style, your weight and your clothes including shoes.

So decide how to want to market yourself, and stay with that look – otherwise, your video will be quickly be out-of-date.

  • a clean white studded shirt with fold-down collar (no butterfly collars)
  • a clean black dinner suit
  • black spotted bow-tie (or a tie as appropriate for lunchtime weddings)
  • top-quality clean black shoes
  • a dry-cleaned black pants suit
  • minimum make up
  • minimum jewellery
  • Otherwise, a black skirt (with panty-hose) and jacket is required
  • No exposed arms (sleeveless)


(If you are a member of the MC Directory, please include the company name for branding purposes.)

Hi there my name is (first name only) from the MC Directory – I just want to say a quick “Thank You” taking the time to consider me as your wedding Event Host MC aka the Master of Ceremonies.
Hi there my name is (first name only) and Im proud to be a professional Event Host Master of Ceremonies with the MC Directory
Hi there my name is (first name only) and I am your Italian-speaking Event Host Master of Ceremonies from the MC Directory
I think Ive got the best job in the world …

(From here you can variate what you like so it sounds natural)

Apart from being an Event Host I’m also a teacher / singer / magician.
I am a specialist in …………….. languages
Being a Wedding MC is a joyous role, which I love to play and have played abundantly since 2015.
My aim is to create a fun atmosphere ……
I cover the Canberra ACT and South East NSW area of NSW
I take great pride in the fact that my contribution can help your reception be both organised and entertaining.
But firstly let me congratulate you on finding the love of your life and getting engaged – its a great thing you’ve done.
In this production the Bride & Groom are the stars of the show and I conduct the whole event making it happen magically.
It’s my responsibility to ensure that the celebration is exciting full of fun and that the whole event runs smoothly.
I must understand what type of wedding reception you are after. I always achieve this aim by my thorough preparation. I know that I only have one chance to get it right for you, so I am fastidious with making sure the run sheet – the agenda – the flow of events – represents your wishes.
What I love is seeing the bride and grooms long-held dreams and desires become a sparkling reality. I know that this one single day has had an enormous amount of planning and effort behind it – so its great for me to see all those hopes end up even better than everyone wished for.


It’s a great feeling when I look across at the reception and see the bride and groom really enjoying the company of their friends and family – knowing that all the little details have been already looked after by myself …
I am not the type of MC that stands around and tells jokes. I find the humour in the interactions between your guests and my funny observations often result in lots of laughter …
All the weddings I MC are fun events because I create an atmosphere of celebration …
I will help you relax at your special event …
One of the most important parts of course is the ….
In other words, your guests feel as though the entire experience of attending your wedding reception was a great example of your combined relationship.
I love the challenge of bringing a modern focus to all the great traditions and rituals that are involved throughout every wedding reception. Including the Grand Entry of the Bride and Groom, your first dance as husband and wife and the fare-welling of your loved ones with the Guard of Honour
My focus is on the bride and groom having maximum time with their guests therefore enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.
My style is interactive – I encourage people to get involved and celebrate with you. Ive studied crowd psychology and I know that if you give people a license to party and let go, their real joy is released.
You’ll notice from my feedback, that many audiences members comment on how funny and humorous I am. Now I dont ever tell jokes – but I gather the humour from what is happening around me – and thats where I look for the humour.
At the Grand Entrance. I make sure the audience is ready to party – so when the I introduce the Bridal Party and parents into the room, the guests will fill the room with Love and Laughter that will last all night long.


What I’ve noticed is planning and communication with you the couple is of utmost importance.
Ive learned that if you want to be stress-free at your wedding reception, then you need to plan …
I find that Preparation is the key so I would like to meet you both beforehand and plan how we are going to stage this great party of yours
However it requires thorough preparation. This includes an introductory meeting with the Bride & Groom to ensure that the reception flows according to your wishes.
Of course, I am very aware that we only get one chance to get it right so its essential that we meet beforehand …
However, the best thing about being a wedding MC is the satisfaction of seeing all the years of planning this important event come to fruition.


In the meantime, congratulations. This is Pete Miller from the MC Directory. Bye for now
Don’t just take my word for it. Read what others have to say about me here on the webpage …
I look forward to meeting you and discussing your wedding plans …
Take a look now and you can book me immediately…
Remember to check the date of your event with my confidential online calendar.
When the calendar has confirmed my availability, I can be contacted directly or via the contact form and I will call you as soon as possible.
Allow me to add a personal touch to your Big Day.
And my enthusiastic approach to love. I believe in love. Love is cool – and should be celebrated in the best possible way.

As a multi-lingual example GREEK

I’ve been working as a professional Greek-speaking wedding MC for more than 10 years now.
I’ve been working as a professional Greek-speaking wedding MC for more than 10 years now.
I’m comfortable with weddings of all cultures but being of Greek background, Greek weddings are definitely my specialty.
Translations are no problem as I fluently speak, read and write in Greek.
Most of the Greek & English wedding receptions I have acted as MC for have been amazing and I’m sure your special night will be no different.
Hi there. Congratulations on your engagement and forthcoming wedding.
(repeat in Greek)
Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your Master of Ceremonies. My name is Chris Ninopoulos from
Besides my ability to speak both Greek and English fluently, my clients say it’s my happy personality they like but I believe the reason I keep getting asked to MC is my thorough preparation, my attention to detail and my ability to get everyone to celebrate together as one. Ysssasis (whatever the Greek word that means “yay / party / celebrate”
Your wedding is all about You. I will coordinate everything for you so you don’t have to worry about a single thing – except enjoying yourself immensely.
Leave everything to me, Chris Ninopoulos your elegant and organised Greek-speaking Master of Ceremonies.
(goodbye in Greek)


Hi there my name is Pete Miller from Sydney Australia and I work as a professional wedding MC proudly represented by the MC Directory.

Originally I started as a corporate MC, and then a client asked me to MC her girlfriends wedding. Well I instantly fell in love (excuse the pun) with the exciting combination of style, elegance, romance, tradition, ritual, the sense of family and of course the fun.

Wedding receptions are always held at the very finest venues, with incredibly beautiful flowers, delicious food and everyone is dressed up ready to celebrate your love affair.

I feel very fortunate to be given this role as a wedding MC and, for the duration of the event, be invited into your inner circle of trust. It is an incredible privilege and an honour.

Firstly, let me congratulate you on your engagement. This short video outlines some of the duties you can expect me to perform as your chosen wedding Event Host MC aka Master of Ceremonies.

I like to work closely with you leading up to the wedding reception.Treat me as your wedding organiser because I love to be involved in the planning of such special day.

I encourage you – the bride and groom – to be as creative as you like so as to make the reception represent your fantastic relationship – and then I, as your MC, do my very best to make it all happen for you.

We always meet together about 7 to 10 days out from the wedding. At this meeting, I can offer you my advice from many years of experience about how to have a wedding reception that is fun, meaningful and memorable – for all the right reasons.

All the traditional reception rituals are explained as options such as the grand entrance, the cutting of the cake, the first dance, the bouquet and garter throw and I’ll inform you of all the options available.

My advice will save you time, it will save you money … and possibly tears; and is based on my passion to get things 100% right and my total commitment to making sure this beautiful one-off event that so many people had spent so much time planning, goes super smoothly.

Besides being a wedding planner beforehand, I like to think of myself as the bride and grooms confidante on the day. You can rely on me to deal with any issues that arise and any hassles will be handled with complete discretion.

On the night, I will look after every little detail; from the DJ or band, to the photographer and videographer, to the function staff, your guests and parents, your bridal party and of course, the both of you.

My aim is to have you both walk away at the end of the night and say “Wow – that was fantastic – that’s even better than how we imagined our reception to be” and for your guests to say “wow that was amazing celebration – OR Ive never been to wedding reception like that before – it was really cool and really different; it was original and represented their relationship really well”

I think what makes me a little different than other MCs is that I believe – as the best public speaker in the room – its the MCs responsibility to make sure the speeches go well; so I include this great wedding speeches book that I wrote from hearing all great wedding speeches

Anyway, please contact me via this website and I look forward to MCing your wedding reception with flair, care sincerity and style.

This has been peter miller signing off for the MC Directory. Bye for Now


You dont have to complete writing the script. Just 50% is enough.

When you are ready, upload it to your Google Drive account and share it with weddingmc AT Let us know via email and we can then collaborate on your script and chat about shoot day.

See you in the studio

MC Pete Miller