How To Get 5 Star Reviews On Your MC Profile

Reviews AKA Feedback AKA Comments AKA Testimonials are money in the bank – and should be sought, managed and treated like gold.

Unlike photos, where your appearance changes over the years, there is no Use-By-Date on these words of praise about your MC work.

Think of your own browsing or buying habits. How much importance to you pay to the Reviews? We’ll take a guess and say A LOT. Then imagine the bride and groom applying exactly that same importance to feedback from your clients. They want and need that reassurance.

In short, give this part of your MC profile equal importance (if not more) than your photos, video script, biography, and calendar.


  • by Email or SMS text message or Facebook Post directly from the bride and groom OR
  • the couple fills out a Comment form underneath your MC profile. The second option is the easiest one for you – and we’ll show how to get this happening below.


The first option is where the couple has sent you a nice message. It’s too late to ask them to then fill out your online form with the same info, so just submit it yourself. Here’s how …

IMPORTANT: you cannot be logged into YOUR OWN ACCOUNT while submitting an external review

To get around this, simply open a different web browser than the one you using (like Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera) pull up your MC profile or search for your name using the SEARCH bar at the top of the page, scroll to the end of your Profile and you will see the Review section there.

a sample blank review form

Just fill out the full names of both the bride and groom, their’s or your own email address (don’t worry, it isn’t published), the wedding venue and suburb, the actual words they sent you, give yourself a Star Rating and Post the Review (see screenshot example below)

submit review with information filled in

You will be sent an email advising you of this new comment

feedback email notification

Log back into your MC profile, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the review in the ‘Comments’ section ready to be Approved or Trashed (move your cursor underneath the text).

feedback-approve or trash

Approve it if looks OK and you are all good to go. The testimonial will be automatically added to your public profile in a few minutes.

Please be aware that the date that will appear on your testimonial will be the same date you entered the information on the webpage. Inform the office if you’d prefer to change it to the actual wedding date (recommended). This date change can only be made by an Admin.

Then, email your MC profile URL to your clients and inform them that their generous words have now been added to your profile.


The other way to get a valuable Review list on your MC profile is to simply ask and invite your clients to submit their words using your unique profile URL e.g. name etc)

Their Testimonial will show up after you have logged into your MC Profile in the ‘Comments’ section – and you have the option to accept it or not (move your cursor underneath the text). You will also be alerted via email immediately after the testimonial has been submitted (see above for screenshots)

Finally, there is no limit to how many testimonials you can display. But each glowing feedback is like gold and extra dollars in your wallet or purse. More importantly, it will help the client decide to choose you as their MC rather than someone else.