Expectations of the MC Directory

Our Promise. Your Responsibility.

Please read this before you join so you don’t waste your money and our time.

There has been an MC or two that have joined the MC DIRECTORY and haven’t received any enquiries. Why? What happened – or more correctly, what didn’t happen?

Well, there is only one reason – which I will explain clearly in a moment.

When you join the MC DIRECTORY, you are given a short eBook called GROWING THE CAKE. This instruction manual and Quick Start Guide has been constantly updated and revised over 20 years of promoting Wedding MCs.

This document explains our expectations of you and outlines what you can expect from us.

This is a 50/ 50 business partnership – and can only work if both sides are equally committed.

It’s essential you read this book – and take action on its advice.


Our pledge to you is to keep the sophisticated website high in Google search rankings with targeted articles, blogs, videos, hashtags, social media posts and keywords.

This requires an enormous amount of time and money – but the burden is off-set and divided by the number of MCs we have on the site.


Your duty to us is equally important and will take up your personal time – especially if you are at the start of your wedding MC career.

We have provided an excellent website – but it works on the quality of real-life media you supply and keep updated.

You can earn a mountain of money from the MC DIRECTORY but it is not a set and forget – particularly at the beginning. It needs to be a dynamic that you drive and control.


  • follow up on client feedback and to request testimonials so they can be displayed for future clients to gauge you
  • upload wonderful photos of you working on stage or with your clients the bride and groom
  • take the time to flesh out your biography and list of experiences
  • activate social media feeds if you use them
  • and make appointments to visit, introduce yourself and follow up with the local wedding venues.
  • record a video showreel
  • comment and share your own and other MCs videos

All of the above contribute and support a powerful MC profile that will give potential clients evidence of your MC work and a strong belief in your abilities.

We understand its time consuming – but there is no other way to get your wedding MC career moving forward fast.

And then keep adding to your profile as the jobs trickle in – to eventually create a wave of interest.

Once that has started, it rarely stops if you keep producing good MC work. But you must push it first it to get the ball rolling. Otherwise, it will not succeed.

All of the above is fully explained in person and via webpages. We are here to help you every step of the way.

If you are passionate about being a top-notch wedding MC and feel strongly about giving the bride and groom the best possible service, then you are well on your way.

The membership fee is refundable for 30 days after purchase.