How To Market Your MC Services With the Right Image

This news refers to marketing your personal MC brand. It doesn't matter how good you are on stage with the microphone in your hand, a good solid identity that clearly shows your MC style will raise your income, make it easier to sell your services and extend your career.
what is the best photo to use to promote my career

Clients have no imagination. You must help them imagine you as their MC at their event by providing a photo of you on stage that speaks clearly about your MC style. It should instantly provide confirmation about your suitability for their occasion.


For every advertising campaign, there is the main image that is featured in all the marketing of the product. It’s called the Hero Shot and all other images support it in terms look and feel.


The Hero Shot is a consistent style and beautifully summarises your MC approach and hints at your onstage personality. It features on your Facebook and Instagram profiles, business card, press kit, one-sheet, book cover, website, and video.

Here are two examples of Hero Shots that have helped to build my career and enhance my marketing. I’m very grateful for these two images; as they have easily made me in excess of $500,000.

the wedding mc introduces the speaker with his arm extended
The photo above was taken many years ago so apologies for the low resolution

Even though it is not as crisp by today’s standards, this captivating photo was taken at the beginning of my career by the wedding reception photographer I was working with. I asked him to use my own camera during the speeches.

This ‘lectern’ Hero Shot was my #1 advertising image for over 10 years and it generated me a ton of work.

Why was it so powerful and why did it for me so effectively? Because this photo epitomizes what an Event Host MC does and what the client expects them to do. In other words, it shows me shining the light on others and making them feel like superstars.

I also used this next shot successfully, and it featured on the back of my printed book YOU CAN BE A WEDDING MC as the all-important author’s image

the wedding emcee always carries the microphone wherever they go
an MC smile says confidence

I knew it was good simply because I always got great feedback from everyone about how accurately it represents my MC style.

Both of these two Hero Shots involved two important ingredients: microphone and uniform

The microphone in my hand quickly identifies me as the MC and by being appropriately dressed for the occasion, it hints at my professionalism – and it’s easy for the bride and groom to imagine me at their wedding. It implies ‘Hi there. I am organized. I am entertaining. And I am here to serve you.’

Here are 7 tips for obtaining a Hero Shot that will earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Go for an in-action, on-the-job photo as opposed to a staged, studio portrait.
  • Invest in the best camera-phone you can afford and use it instead of relying on the official photographer to send you a copy after the event.
  • Ask permission for a friend to attend the event who can discreetly photograph you using a DSLR with a high-end lens eg Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic etc
  • Be prepared to take lots of shots to get one you can use continually for many years.
  • Ask for feedback when you publish them on social media.
  • Try to include the microphone in the photograph. It puts you on the job and shows you are comfortable with your props.
  • Stay close to one particular look so your clients don’t get a surprise when they meet you in person. They will expect you to show up looking similar and matching your promotional photographs unless it’s been otherwise discussed. It’ll be an awkward conversation if you arrive with a beard when you were clean-shaven before, or in the case of a female MC, your profile shows a conservative dark pants suit and you show up wearing a short bright red dress and high heels and a new haircut.

Treat this project as seriously as you would preparing your event run sheet. You are in the entertainment business and success is all about how well you market yourself. In other words, what image you portray and how it makes people feel; it’s not about how talented you are.

See you on stage
Pete Miller

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