How To Convert An Enquiry To A Confirmed MC Booking Every time

No matter how talented you are on stage, you must be equally as skilled at sales. In other words, converting an interested enquiry to a confirmed booking. Remember, it's called ShowBusiness for a reason. I have created a template that makes it an easy and straightforward process to collect that deposit.
Getting booked as an emcee

Here is a procedure of what to do when an enquiry comes in that will set you up for a successful conversion. It will save you time so you can spend more energy getting to know your new client’s needs.


Speed is the name of the game. Give your prospective client a nice surprise and call them sooner than they expect e.g. immediately you the email enquiry arrives. This will create momentum and increase your chances of conversion.

A step by step process makes it easier. Here are some leading questions if you are speaking to a bride. It’s an identical process in a corporate MC scenario.

Write out your own phone script using the guide below for starters. This will keep you on track and reduce any nerves (“I need this job”) that the client may hear in your voice.

Give yourself the best chance of success. Dont let your ego fool into believing that a conversion is imminent. You need to do the work first.

1) Call within one hour of receiving the enquiry. Resist the temptation to SMS or email in the first instance. The bride needs to hear your excellent resonant voice to reassure her you are the chosen one. Ask her if she has a moment for a quick chat.

2) Call from a quiet place minus background noise. Use headphones with a microphone. Handsfree allows you to take notes.

3) Thank them for making the enquiry and verify that you are the MC who they have enquired about.

4) Confirm that you are available for the event date and confirm the time e.g. dinner or lunch?

Leave a voice message if the phone is not answered but don’t assume that the message will be heard. Many people ignore their voicemail.

Immediately follow-up by sending an SMS that says:
Hi (bride)
Thank you for your enquiry about my Wedding MC service. I called and left a voice message.

Please reply with a convenient time for me to call you back so we can chat about your wedding reception.

In the meantime, I have emailed you a PDF* that outlines a little more about my wedding MC work.

Have a great day and I look forward to speaking with you soon

Regards (your name)
04888 221

*The PDF is covered in another blogpost

Click here for Part 2 of this conversion process.

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