First Steps To MC Success

first steps to MC success

“What’s the first thing I need to do to work as an MC?”

This is a great question which every MC has asked at the beginning of their career.

‘Where do I start? And How?’

Answer the following questions to guarantee the best chance of a successful MC career.

You’ll need to evaluate the reasons WHY and what’s your current level of EXPERIENCE.

Have a good think about the questions below and then physically write down your answers on paper eg “I want to work as an MC because …”

Discover your reasons why or select from the list below. You want to:

  • help organise the event
  • get a return on your public speaking training investment
  • make cash from your communication skills
  • gain onstage experience
  • make the audience laugh at your comedy routine
  • use MCing to transition to the keynote speaking industry from another different career
  • refine your speaking skills
  • develop your own unique speaking style
  • satisfy this feeling inside you to be on stage in front of a crowd
  • you have watched a pro-MC before and believe you can perform the same role

Secondly, be honest with your level of experience:

  • How many hours have you spent on stage already
  • How many MC jobs have you had already?
  • How many were free and how many were paid?
  • How much were you paid?
  • Have you developed your own unique MC style yet?

Thirdly, I want to work as a

  • Corporate MC
  • Wedding MC
  • Both

Use your responses to decide where you are at in terms of your MC career. Your answer may be …

I am at the start AKA a ‘newbie’.

Don’t worry – we all started here. You probably have a ton of questions so I recommend you buy some good quality MC books and start reading and learning about your new career.


I have been an MC before and would now like to take it a lot further.

It sounds like you need some expert coaching and career mentoring (click the link to find out what questions you need to ask your mentor).

My advice is to find a professional MC in your local area or region and approach them about your desire.

Otherwise, Pete Miller has a mentoring service over Skype.

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