Change Your Voice And Change Your Life

Its easy to take your voice for granted. But a little change in your speaking voice can have massive improvements to your professional and personal life. Here's what happened to me when I made some adjustments.
improving your speaking voice guarantees success on stage

After I was accepted into the Drama Studio Sydney* Acting course for 3 years of full-time study, my tutors immediately informed me that I had probably the worse voice they had ever heard (because it was so nasal) and, if I intended on getting any acting jobs after I graduated, I needed to do “a lot of work on my voice”.

Besides being a shock to my ego, this surprised me. The concept of working on my voice and changing it had never occurred to me. I thought that actors like James Earl Jones had been born with the rich, deep resonant tone that I loved so much – they could read aloud a Chinese takeaway menu and make it sound amazing.

I never realised that you could vastly improve your speaking voice and easily achieve this wonderful full sound – simply by doing some basic training. So, I started my quest for a voice that would help me, not hinder me. In other words, to turn people on, not off.

acting students from The Drama Studio Sydney
Black leotards were worn so as to be neutral

The information contained on the 5 EASY STEPS TO A FANTASTIC VOICE audio and video recording and within the pages of the book ITS NOT WHAT YOU SAY, ITS HOW YOU SAY IT is the culmination of 10 years searching to find the ideal, practical, simple (but effective) vocal warm-up; anywhere, anytime.

*The Drama Studio teachers were all trained at the Drama Centre London. Click for more information

My classmates from The Drama Studio Sydney​

Group of acting college students from the Drama Studio sydney
My fellow Drama College students – would love to catch up one day
Graduation ceremony from three years acting training at The Drama Studio Sydney
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