what questions should the MC ask the bride?
MC Wedding

Questions To Ask A Bride Before Booking You As Her Wedding MC

An MC career is Show Business. Make sure you can do the Business as well as the Show. This is the second part of the conversion sequence that talks about how to convert a passive MC enquiry from a prospective client into an active confirmed booking quickly, easily and efficiently.

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Getting booked as an emcee
MC Tips

How To Convert An Enquiry To A Confirmed MC Booking Every time

No matter how talented you are on stage, you must be equally as skilled at sales. In other words, converting an interested enquiry to a confirmed booking. Remember, it’s called ShowBusiness for a reason. I have created a template that makes it an easy and straightforward process to collect that deposit.

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what is the best photo to use to promote my career
MC Tips

How To Market Your MC Services With the Right Image

This news refers to marketing your personal MC brand. It doesn’t matter how good you are on stage with the microphone in your hand, a good solid identity that clearly shows your MC style will raise your income, make it easier to sell your services and extend your career.

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best emcee and master ofd ceremonies advice
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MC Pete Miller

I originally wanted a career as an Architect. Then films, movies and videos hypnotised me, and I opted for the entertainment industry as a performer. It began as an actor, then a singer and then an Event Host MC. Now as a teacher, coach and mentor.

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a mentors will help you succeed
MC Tips

How To Get A Mentor And Turbocharge Your MC Career

Someone who cares about your success because they have made the same journey, is like adding steroids to your MC progress.

A helpful hand will guide you around the pitfalls, cut years off your learning curve and enable to jump ahead rapidly.

Here’s how to get your guru.

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