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There is huge difference between a part-time, weekend MC and a professional Event Host from The MC Directory. It is our high standard of care and flair.

your perfect master of ceremonies
The MC gets everyone involved

We want you to remember your event as a super-successful project that you are proud of.

To help you organise the perfect MC, we

  • clearly display our fees, (we don’t charge by the hour like DJs or muso’s do),
  • have certified testimonials from our happy clients,
  • have all graduated to a code of professionalism and signed an MC agreement on standards of work,
  • organise our own insurances and taxes – and can back up each other if the unforeseen happens and the MC suddenly becomes unavailable,
  • are not stand up, sit down MCs, and finally, we discourage the use of friends or DJs as the Master of Ceremonies.
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