Who wants to capture the attention of all in the room with a clear sexy, hypnotic voice?

The stage is now set for you to sound authoritative so everyone always understands EXACTLY what you said and takes action because of it.

Or does your sound get lost in noisy environments so everyone always asks you to speak up or repeat what you said?

You’re looking at a quick and easy way to achieve your true potential as a brilliant communicator and speak with confidence, flair and sincerity.

Take your voice to the gym and give it a workout so you can sound as good as you look.

You will discover from this recording:

  • the secrets only actors know that instantly give you a strong, deep, sexy and attractive voice
  • the natural qualities in your voice that will support your personality and match your message
  • a sound with ‘cut-through’ that will captivate any audience – big or small – and help you to speak with authority
  • straightforward techniques (that you can easily remember) to be heard clearly without shouting when the sound around you is noisy
  • how to keep your voice in top condition using my unique Vocal Hygiene methods
  • how to soften the impact (but not loose) your accent
  • how to eliminate sharp and aggressive sounds that turn-off your audience from listening
  • how to stop ummmms and urrrrs
  • what’s the difference between a good and a bad voice.
  • how singing is easy once you now how to speak correctly
  • what is ‘vocal variety’ and how can it instantly connect and keep your audience listening intently to every word you say
  • a quick way to warm-up your voice so it stay strong and not get damaged
  • how to prevent sore throats
  • why warming up your voice will make you sound better as you get older
  • a fresh approach to speaking in public that’s gets you excited instead of nervous

This is a 10 track, 70 minute audio program that is a practical voice training session with one of Australia’s leading speaker coaches, TV actor Pete Miller.

This best-selling audio program has been recorded in an entertaining way so it’s FUN and really easy to listen to; you will enjoy the experience of learning how to WOW an audience with the power of your wonderful voice.

Here are the tracks in

  1. Introduction+ Step 1 Lip Bubble Breath
  2. In your car + Step 2 From An Orange To A Pea
  3. Good & bad voices + Step 3 Finding Your Own Natural Tone
  4. Vocal Hygiene + Step 4 The Tongue Rattle
  5. Accents + Step 5 I Love The Sound Of My Voice
  6. A Quick 10-minute Warm-up
  7. Sing with Ease
  8. How can a good voice change your life ‘my story’
  9. Aussie Poems
  10. Business Magazine Radio Interview

These tracks contain tools to help you walk, talk & feel better when you communicate; either one on one, in a meeting, or to a large group.

Recorded in an easy to listen to format, the 5 steps will instantly enhance your everyday communication. It gives you super confidence in what you say and how you say it.